Anticlastic Jewellery designed and made by awarded
Goldsmith Juha Koskela
Master of Fine Arts, Washington University, USA. Goldsmith of the year 2003shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2
After I finished my studies in Lahti goldsmith school, I continued my studies in the USA. My professor was a Finnish Heikki Seppä, who is known world wide for his inventions in developing ”anticlastic raising” techniques.
In the USA I worked for ex. in Michael Good Designs. After returning to Finland I joined Union Design with other 8 gold- and silversmiths in Helsinki. The year 2000 Union Design was assigned a State Price for design and the year 2003 I was chosen to be "The Goldsmith of the Year". 

"Clear, elegant form, motion and its continuity are the premises to my work.
 I use silver, gold, titanium and gems in my jewellery.”
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Alf Larsson:

Juha Koskela

Goldsmith, Designer,

Master of Fine Arts

Finnish goldsmithing has long traditions, particularly regarding modern jewellery from the early 20th century, and as an important part of the Scandinavian jewellery concept. Juha Koskela is a successful interpreter and developer of this tradition, in the current time when contemporary Finnish jewellery design is changing strongly. It warms the Finnish heart that Juha Koskela travelled to Washington University (1975-1976 and 1980-1982)
to study an innovative silversmithing technique, developed in the USA since the 1960s by the Finnish professor and silversmith Heikki Seppä.

A jeweller is designer, and expert in materials, their behaviour and the techniques of craftsmanship. These characteristics are well illustrated by Juha Koskela’s work. He emphasises strongly that technical skills create possibilities for the development of new forms. Whilst in the USA Juha Koskela became one of the few professionals mastering the Anticlastic Raising technique. He has received recognition for his work in this field in Finland and abroad.

His return to Finland in the mid-1990’s was well-timed with the rise of a new generation of Finnish goldsmiths. Juha Koskela shared their views on combining traditional techniques with modern manufacturing methods.

Union Design was founded in Helsinki at the end of 1990s, offering a good foundation for goldsmiths to develop further in the field. It was a natural transition for Koskela to join Union Design, respected as he is by his colleagues, for his professionalism, creative work as a goldsmith and as an artist. This kind of recognition
is not easily gained in Finland where the level of workmanship and quality is very high. Juha Koskela uses anticlastic raising method, which gives his jewellery soft, organic forms. His jewellery reflects an inner calmness.

A good and well-made piece of jewellery requires depth or a message. In time every piece of jewellery becomes meaningful to its wearer or owner, but at its best it already speaks to the viewer from the showcase.
A good quality piece of jewellery will last so that the story can be told to the next generations. Juha Koskela’s pieces do this with the quality of the forms and his workmanship. Juha Koskela is currently working in Isokyrö in his own workshop. He continues to work with his individual style that he developed abroad and at home.

Alf Larsson

Master of Business Admin, Dipl.Gem., F.G.A.
Managing Director The Finnish Goldsmiths